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Are you looking for your barbarian side? Don't you love the feel of a sword in your hand? Have you ever wished you could get back to the time when fighting was done with honor, face to face, without all of this mucking around with sniper rifles and guided missiles? Then I prescribe one thing for you: Boffo. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, allow me to explain. Boffo is the revival of the medieval art of war through modern inventions- PVC pipe, duct tape, and foam. These building blocks of life in the sport are used to make any imaginable weapon, from swords and shields to bows, poleaxes, throwing knives and so much more. The art of Boffo is that you can have anything from a quick skirmish in your backyard with friends to a massive role-playing castle siege in the woods with potentially hundreds of other modern knights. Boffers, as the weapons are called, are harmless if used correctly and are often incorporated into LARP(live action role playing) games. But mostly, boffers provide a limitless source of your grisly combat fix, conveniently without the death, bloody mess, and electric chair's involvement. The Boffer Smithy will show you how to make the weapons of your dreams(or nightmares) and how to use them, but you must decide what to use them for. Whether you are LARPing, skirmishing, or just practicing, boffers make it all the more realistic and fun.

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